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State of Auto Theft – Episode 2: Emerging Pickup Theft Trends

LoJack® recently released our 10th annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report. While Honda and Toyota compact cars comprise the majority of the top five most recovered vehicles, there is a new trend forming.

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Construction Equipment: From Rented to Recovered

Construction equipment rentals are a vital part of the industry because it lets companies and contractors complete projects without the need for additional capital investments.

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LoJack Announces 10th Annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report

Today, we are happy to announce our 10th installment of the Vehicle Theft Recovery Report, detailing stolen vehicle recoveries in 2018. This year’s report shows that the LoJack recovery data mirrors the trend of rising auto theft nationally and highlights how thieves are continuing to target popular vehicles.

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What Influences Heavy Construction Equipment Theft?

We wanted to review some of the data from the 2017 LoJack® Corporation Study on Construction Equipment Theft. It details key information on stolen construction equipment. This year’s report comes in the form of a downloadable infographic.

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State of Auto Theft – Episode 1: Introduction

At LoJack, we are in a unique position to see trends and techniques in auto theft as they happen. Our relationship with law enforcement, our stolen vehicle recovery technology and our high success rate give us exceptional insight into how and why thieves are stealing cars.

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Four Ways to Improve CSI Scores with LoJack® LotSmart™

Customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores are a stress point for car dealerships. For salespeople, CSI scores can make a huge difference in pay—and in some cases might mean keeping or losing their job. For Franchisees, CSI scores influence spiffs from the manufacturer. CSI is designed to build and measure customer satisfaction so that manufacturers and... ...

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Building Customer Loyalty and Retention at Your Dealership

Front-end profits continue to erode as competition and incentives consistently squeeze the margins on sales, as NADA points out. With that reality, it’s essential for dealers to build up their back end profitability.

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Creating a Seamless Car Buying Experience in the Digital Age

To ensure a positive customer experience and drive loyalty, dealers need to employ the sophisticated connected technologies the market has come to expect.

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LoJack Announces New Point of Sale App for Dealers

Today, LoJack® announced a new app and point of sale tool for LoJack dealers that provides interactive features designed to help educate and engage potential buyers.

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Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle During National Theft Protection Month

July is National Theft Protection Month, and we’re taking this opportunity to help you learn how to protect your vehicle from today’s thief.

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