LoJack Announces New Point of Sale App for Dealers

  • August 16, 2018
  • Will Modelevsky

Today, LoJack® announced a new app and point of sale tool for LoJack dealers that provides interactive features designed to help educate and engage potential buyers. The mobile app, which runs on iPads, Android tablets and desktops, is available today to LoJack dealers nationwide. The app is equipped with multimedia tools and videos, as well as interactive features that detail the benefits of both the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) System and LoJack® SureDrive™. By enabling dealers to demonstrate the technology–and its convenience–to customers in a more experiential way than traditional print materials, the app can help dealers tailor their products to the customer and capture more revenue opportunities than ever before.

Offering Convenience and Peace of Mind to Drivers

The connected car isn’t just about convenience. The true power of equipping our vehicles is the potential to ultimately create safer roads and provide drivers, and their loved ones, with a sense of security. From the ability to track and quickly recover a stolen vehicle with the help of law enforcement, to visibility into a family’s whereabouts and well-being, consumers aren’t investing in yet another gadget but in peace of mind for the drive ahead™. The new LoJack Dealer app keeps this idea top-of-mind for car buyers at the dealership.

Helping Dealers Capture Revenue Opportunities

Tailoring your message to each market, each dealer and each consumer is a critical part of an effective selling process. That’s why the app is designed to allow dealers to easily toggle between interfaces for either SVR or SureDrive depending on the focus of their sale.

With the ability to provide hyperlocal data, the app’s SVR interface puts up-to-date information in the hands of the dealer to illustrate the need for a stolen vehicle recovery system, particularly in the buyer’s area. Based on the GPS location of the tablet or device being used, the app will deliver localized statistics about stolen vehicle rates and recovery. If that metro region is among the top ten or in the top 10 percent at-risk areas in the nation, more detailed findings on the area’s auto-theft trends will appear. Additionally, if the user’s metro area doesn’t rank in the “top ten,” the app offers data on the state or national increase in auto theft, depending on which is most relevant.

This up-to-date information helps dealers address top objections and misconceptions from consumers, including the belief that auto theft is unlikely to occur and an insurance policy would cover the costs even if it occur.

The SureDrive interface lets potential customers take the SureDrive app for a “test drive” and offers the ability to see features including accident assistance, movement detection and arrival confirmation in action. The application aids the dealer in the sales journey with the ability to elaborate on features such as:

  • CrashBoxx™ instant crash alerts
  • Speed Alerts
  • Tripwire™ Early Warning
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assist
  • Virtual Boundaries
  • Where’s My Car?

To learn more about how to get the latest dealer sales tools for your dealership, contact your LoJack sales representative.