Showcasing new technology and innovations at NADA SHOW 2024

  • January 16, 2024
  • Tanya F.

Dealer solutions and services on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Solera’s Vehicle Solutions business line, the leader in vehicle owner lifecycle management, is excited to present their latest dealer and OEM solutions updates at the NADA SHOW 2024 in Las Vegas from Feb. 1-4. This premier event offers automotive industry professionals an opportunity to explore groundbreaking technology and strategies for expanding their businesses. By revolutionizing and reinvigorating dealership operations, customer relationship management, marketing and digital advertising, and fixed operations, Solera’s dealer solution suite has the potential to change the game in the industry. 

Visitors to the Vehicle Solutions’ interactive booth will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the game-changing technologies transforming the automotive industry. Here are a few of the exciting new products that Solera is presenting: 

  • RedCap Service Suite: This modular platform, designed for large-scale businesses, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that integrates seamlessly with various dealership processes, including appointment scheduling, check-in procedures, lane walkarounds, electronic loaner management, digital payments, and other advanced features. This is set to revolutionize automotive fixed operations, boosting efficiency and profitability for dealerships nationwide. 
  • Peri by Solera: This innovative payment processing service is tailor-made for the automotive industry. It offers a sustainable approach that effectively lowers transaction fees for businesses of any size. Peri’s goal is to bring about a positive change in the merchant services sector, which is frequently burdened with hidden fees and complex terms and conditions. The most noteworthy feature of Peri is its potential to reduce transaction fees by up to 35% compared to industry standards. 
  • ServiceAgent AI powered by Stella: The state-of-the-art inbound call center solution will soon leverage artificial intelligence to provide an smart, efficient, and personalized call center experience that redefines customer engagement in the automotive industry. 
  • AutoMate and DealerFenix Partnership: Solera’s partnership with DealerFenix brings unprecedented efficiency to dealership operations by integrating DealerFenix’s expertise in digital retailing with AutoMate’s innovative dealership solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall customer experience. 
  • Marketing Platform Enhancements: Solera’s commitment to excellence extends to its state-of-the-art marketing platform under the AutoPoint brand. On AutoPoint’s OnDemand platform, dealers can engage with potential customers in just a few minutes through targeted marketing campaigns using the new website visitor ID system.  

“Solera’s Vehicle Solutions team is extremely proud to showcase our latest innovations, cementing our pledge to revolutionize the automotive sector,” declares Tony Graham, Executive Vice President. “Our pioneering solutions promise to redefine the terrain of dealership operations with a steadfast dedication to furnishing state-of-the-art solutions and services that not only fulfill but surpass the changing requirements of our clientele, while setting new standards for productivity, financial gains, and customer satisfaction. Join us for discussions, demos, and a glimpse into how our technology empowers dealerships to thrive in a dynamic market. We can’t wait to see you at NADA, where innovation meets inspiration!” 

Attendees and media representatives are invited to visit Booth 2901W at the 2024 NADA Show to experience these groundbreaking services and solutions firsthand. Solera’s Vehicle Solutions team will be available for presentations, demonstrations, and discussions regarding their comprehensive suite of solutions. 

To learn more about Solera’s Vehicle Solutions or to secure a spot while at the NADA Show, visit