Empowering Excellence: Celebrating Women Leaders at Solera

  • January 16, 2024
  • Tanya F.

In the dynamic landscape of corporate leadership, women are increasingly making significant strides and leaving an indelible mark on the business world. Solera is dedicated to supporting and empowering female leaders through multiple sponsorships, partnerships, and programs.

WDAR Sponsorship – NADA initiative to empower women in the retail automotive industry

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting women leaders, Solera is proudly sponsoring the Women Driving Auto Retail (WDAR) networking event on February 1st in Las Vegas, NV. This sponsorship is a testament to our strong support of WDAR’s mission, which aims to amplify female voices and increase employment in dealerships, helping to foster their leadership growth.

Women in Solera (WINS) Leadership Academy – Exclusive, transformative employee program

On its third annual cohort, the Women in Solera (WINS) leadership academy focuses on achieving sustainable development through embracing change, continuously practicing, and then reflecting. Founded by Jing Liao, Chief Administration Officer at Solera, the program now extends globally to 820+ women in Solera management plus all women in technology and product functions. Through consistent, intentional sharing of the Solera leadership playbook, Jing and her team elevate all leaders and cultivate a culture of constant learning and growth.

WOCAN Support – Lending strong female voices to other women of color

And Solera’s dedication extends beyond its own female leaders. Jing also shared her story and journey to the top as the featured speaker on a recent WOCAN (Women of Color Automotive Network) virtual event. As part of the WOCAN Speaker Series, featuring successful women of color in the automotive industry, Jing’s insights and experience undoubtedly enriched the discussion on empowering women in leadership roles.

Now join us on a journey of empowerment as we showcase a few of the remarkable women leaders driving innovation and making a lasting impact at Solera. Here’s a quick glimpse into the inspiring paths of some of our key leaders within the WINS academy:

Thuy Adomitis – Inspiring Diversity and Leading with Purpose

An award-winning seasoned leader, Thuy Adomitis, is currently the VP of Key Accounts/Vehicle Solutions at Solera. She’s spent the last two decades shaping the industry with CarsDirect and TrueCar before Solera. As a female Asian American, she acknowledges the scarcity of representation in the automotive sector, yet her goal is to motivate others – especially women – to pursue their dreams fearlessly. “I am a female Asian leader. If you look around at the automotive landscape, our numbers are miniscule,” shares Thuy. “My hope is that I have motivated some to take the leap in their careers and fight for their spot at the table. My goal is to pull each and everyone of them up through the ranks and not let them sit there in fear.” Her work style is a blend of transformational and servant leadership, with a commitment to motivating and inspiring change as she clears the way for her team’s success. “Driving change requires major commitment and I’m here for it! There is a joy there that I get from helping my team to exceed their goals,” she says. Her future aspirations include being a transformation agent, propelling the current business to greater heights while expanding opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

Jenna Smith – Navigating Success with Grace and Grit

Meet Jenna Smith, Vice President of Sales & Operations for Solera’s RedCap solutions, a powerhouse in the SaaS/automotive industry. “I love building and growing connections and am passionate about investing in the personal and professional growth of others,” says Jenna. Her focus on enhancing the customer experience has left an indelible mark on RedCap. “I truly believe we are paving a path to change the industry,” Jenna shares. “My advice to young women aspiring to leadership roles is to believe in yourself and build a village of mentors, role models, and peers that will support and champion you throughout your professional growth,” says Jenna. “Don’t be afraid to promote yourself with open and honest communication with your peers and superiors.”

Natalie Hill – Roadmap to Triumph in Technology

As Senior Director of Key Accounts at Solera, Natalie Hill’s career with the AutoPoint solutions suite demonstrates her resilience, leadership, and unwavering commitment to growth. She views her employees as teachers as well as learners. “I truly value the mutual exchange of knowledge and insights with my team members,” she says. “My advice to young women is to focus on becoming the best version of yourself, rather than comparing yourself to others,” says Natalie. Fueled by perpetual curiosity, Natalie is focused on learning, connecting with inspirational leaders, and acquiring fresh skills to grow in her field. “I view my role here at Solera as a privilege, and I am eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the company, myself, and the other talented women in leadership.”

Jenny Larkin – Driving Change in Innovation

As National Director of DealerSocket CRM at Solera, Jenny Larkin is a beacon of innovation and inspiration. Jenny’s career has been punctuated by challenges, from breaking gender norms in the fleet business to mastering the intricacies of dealership service operations. Her approach to overcoming obstacles is grounded in staying focused, continuous learning, attentive listening, and an unwavering pursuit of goals. She finds fulfillment in mentoring other women and guiding them to successful careers. “Embrace change, stay up-to-date, and adapt to keep growing,” she says. “I believe in leveraging diverse perspectives to drive innovation and success. By spreading awareness and advocating for more initiatives like WINS, we can create a workplace where all individuals feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.”

As we celebrate the diversity of thought, innovation, and leadership that these women bring to the industry, we also look forward to more valuable insights our female leaders will continue sharing through WINS and the close relationship with WOCAN. Solera’s commitment to these programs and partnerships reflects our dedication to supporting and empowering women leaders, fostering a world where talent knows no gender, and leadership knows no bounds.