More Aftermarket Sales

Help customers protect their vehicles.

Give customers the leading car protection technology while growing PVR with non-cancelable F&I revenue, and never lose a sale due to not finding a car. Equip your sales team with LoJack, giving them the ability to find a car in seconds, see battery level and inventory age.

More Customer Retention

Transform your approach to service.

Use the MyDealer feature in the LoJack service to send timely service reminders, targeted marketing messages, and personalized offers to your customers to grow mind share and retention and help them keep vehicles healthy.

More Efficient Lot Management

Find every car, every time.

Streamline inventory audits, proactively manage batteries, easily handle aging inventory and manage loaners. LoJack helps improve lot and inventory management so you can spend more time selling. Multi-store group management and visibility available.

More Protection for Your Inventory

Recover inventory involved in theft or fraud.

Vehicle theft recovery isn’t just for customers. LoJack regularly recovers vehicles for dealers saving dealerships thousands of dollars in insurance claims and out-of-pocket costs. After-hours geofencing alerts notify you immediately when vehicles are moving when they shouldn’t be, and nationwide coverage helps law enforcement quickly locate, recover and return your cars.

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Grow with LoJack

  • FinancialGuarantee

    Improve Profitability in Sales and Service

    • Generate additional $300-$400 per vehicle sale
    • Push service notifications to customers with click-to-call back to dealership
    • Consumers get auto recall notifications that link to dealership service number and website
  • HandPhone

    Drive Service Retention with Automated Push Notifications Through the LoJack App

    • On average, consumers use LoJack app 12x per month
    • 52% of customers who receive app notices contact the dealer
    • 4.8 out of 5-star App Store ratings (+18K consumer reviews)
  • ManageInventory

    Manage Lots and Inventory

    • Find cars quickly for test drive – enable sales team with the LoJack dealer app
    • Pinpoint vehicle location with 4’ accuracy
    • Quickly view & manage low batteries
    • Identify aging inventory
  • SVR

    Protect Your Inventory

    • Up to $10K coverage per vehicle for dealers who preload (may vary by state)
    • Recover vehicles involved in theft with average 26 minutes recovery time and 98% recovery rate

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