LoJack is a stolen vehicle recovery system that works directly with law enforcement

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery



A vehicle is reported stolen every 40.2 seconds

(National Insurance Crime Bureau – 2020)


recovery rate

98% Recovery rate on cars, trucks, and SUVs

(Internal LoJack Data)


minutes avg. recovery time

Recover vehicles quickly and efficiently with 4-foot GPS accuracy

How LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Works


Owner uses the LoJack app to connect to law enforcement to file a police report


Owner contacts LoJack concierge service through the LoJack app with police report, activating LoJack recovery


LoJack picks up the signal using industry leading GPS technology to locate the stolen vehicle

Recovering Vehicles with Law Enforcement for Over 20 Years

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Working Together to Recovery Vehicles

LoJack uses a proven and proprietary GPS-based technology for the recovery of stolen vehicles as well as other vehicle location services. When a vehicle equipped with LoJack is stolen, the first step is to have the vehicle’s owner alert local law enforcement. Once officers record the theft and provide the owner with a police report, the owner can contact the LoJack recovery team who will work directly with local law enforcement to locate the stolen vehicle.

LoJack is ready to work with your department.

Our Partners

LoJack works with organizations and agencies around the country to help reduce auto theft. Below are some of the organizations that we collaborate with to help keep our communities safe, secure, and protected.


Premier interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety-related information.

NLETS website

Dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest professional standards of conduct among auto theft investigators, and eliminating all factors interfering with the administration of auto theft suppression effort.

IAATI website

Regional authorities aimed at networking and sharing information to further the common goal of auto crime prevention worldwide.

ATPA linkedin
"LoJack is proud to work with law enforcement agencies across the country to help protect and promote the safety of our communities." DJ Thompson Sr. Director of Law Enforcement, LoJack

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