The Value of Inventory Management and Crash Services for Dealers

  • April 19, 2018
  • Will Modelevsky

The ecosystem around the new car and short and long-term rental car business is changing at an unprecedented rate as more vehicles are being connected with after-market solutions and embedded technology. These new innovations connect consumers to their digital lives, make roadways more secure and provide a multitude of insights about the performance of the car, inspiring new business models that turn the vehicle into a service for short and long-term rental car use.

At the same time, consumers are becoming more technologically savvy about their new car search and the competition is more nimble in leveraging digital technology to capture prospects early in the sales cycle.  To stay competitive, it is critical to ensure that when the customer hits the lot, the car they are looking for can easily be located, is ready for a test drive and you have the capability to offer valuable services for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Inventory Management: Locate Vehicles and Improve Customer Experience

Enterprise-grade telematics capability can streamline operations, convert prospects into customers and unlock hidden revenue opportunities. LoJack is re-envisioning the dealership rental car market with telematics that provide new car dealers and rental car companies with more actionable insights than ever before such as odometer mileage, fuel level, car availability, preventive maintenance alerts and more.

LoJack® LotSmart™ is an advanced inventory management system that can help dealers and rental car managers improve customer service by quickly locating vehicles across multiple lots. LotSmart can also deliver low battery alerts to help eliminate unforeseen delays to delivery and ensure vehicles are ready for a test drive or rental as soon as the customer walks in the door.  Dealers and managers can set geofences around their lots so they know the exact location of loaner vehicles and what they are doing; they can even get alerts about unauthorized use or when vehicles are off the lot.

Deliver More Valuable Connected Car Capabilities

That same telematics technology can also be sold through to the customer to provide valuable connected car features and timely assistance if an accident occurs.  LoJack® SureDrive™ is a mobile app that allows your customer to set virtual boundaries and get notified when a loved one arrives at their destination. They can easily pinpoint the location of their car on the map to find their way back to the car in a parking lot, get a tow, find gas or even find a car wash.

Crash Services: Provide Peace of Mind and Generate Recurring Revenue

Perhaps the most critical service you can offer to your customer through the SureDrive app is CrashBoxx™ instant crash alerts.  If a crash occurs, CrashBoxx can deliver real-time crash alerts to the LoJack call center to help provide timely assistance and facilitate emergency services.

Telematics capabilities built into CrashBoxx also provides remote vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reminders to improve the customer experience on the lot and after the sale. The flexibility of the CrashBoxx system enables dealers to develop and offer new value-added services to maintain customer engagement and facilitate servicing for the full life-cycle of the vehicle.

As technology re-invents the dealership and rental car business, consumers become more sophisticated and the competition more agile, dealers can take advantage of advanced telematics technology like LotSmart, SureDrive and CrashBoxx to make operations more efficient, improve customer service and increase the bottom line by unlocking hidden revenue opportunities.