LoJack Launches “Recovery of the Month” Series

  • April 26, 2016

Our Auto Theft Blog has been a longstanding source of LoJack’s success stories, showcasing recent cases where a vehicle was located and returned with the help of LoJack and local law enforcement. To better spotlight important recoveries, we’re proud to announce our new blog series: LoJack’s Recovery of the Month.

Each Recovery of the Month post will include a top Vehicle and Commercial Recovery, as we are dedicated to returning both stolen vehicles and equipment to owners who need them for everyday activities, from working to driving family members to and from school. Each month, specific recoveries are selected that point to larger trends that LoJack and law enforcement officials have recently noticed, to help educate and inform consumers on vehicle theft prevention.

This month, we have identified two recoveries that illustrate two emerging trends in vehicle theft:

  • Identity theft as a means to vehicle theft is gaining popularity nationwide
  • Trailer theft rates in Colorado have reached “epidemic” levels.

Vehicle Recovery of the Month: Eastern European Crime Ring Cracked with Help Using the LoJack®  System

Recently, the Los Angeles-based owner of a brand new 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 found himself in a bit of a bind – his vehicle had been stolen, by means of identity theft! Thankfully, LoJack Police Tracking Computers were able to pick up the signal in under half an hour and track the vehicle to a service station, where police found the male suspect still inside the stolen truck. After the suspect was arrested, officers examined the vehicle, only to find large, extra fuel tanks built into the frame designed for stealing fuel from service stations. Further investigation concluded the incident was part of a larger organized crime ring, based in Eastern Europe. Police have confirmed that the suspect had used another person’s identification to purchase the vehicle, pointing to the fact that identity theft is emerging as a serious threat and a new way to steal vehicles nationwide.

Commercial Recovery of the Month: This Trailer Thief Left a Trail

Trailer thefts can be significant losses for their owners, and recently in Colorado, this 2015 Diamond-T construction trailer was no exception. After the LoJack unit’s signal was activated, police found the trailer in a secluded area near a “horse property,” concealed under a tarp. In addition to the Diamond-T trailer, two additional pieces of stolen property were recovered, including a Bobcat skid-steer loader and a PJ construction trailer. The combined value of the recovered vehicles was estimated at $23,000.

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