LoJack Aids Police in Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Suspect Identification in Tacoma, Wash.

  • September 17, 2021
  • Ashvir Toor

LoJack’s industry-leading GPS technology turns a vehicle theft into another successful recovery story. In this recent case, a man’s Chrysler 300 was stolen from a Westfield Mall. Fortunately, LoJack had been installed in his vehicle and the owner was able to work with LoJack’s Customer Support Center. They coordinated with law enforcement to locate the vehicle with the suspects still present. Without LoJack, this success story could easily have been just another stolen vehicle statistic.

Gone in 300 Seconds

Earlier this year, the owner of a Chrysler 300 had LoJack installed in his vehicle. As a result, when his vehicle was stolen within five minutes of exiting his car and walking to a mall in Tukwila, Washington, he was able to take immediate action. A notification from LoJack alerted the owner that his vehicle was in motion and driving at a high speed. The victim notified 911 and an officer worked with the LoJack Customer Support Center to gather crucial location information and vehicle ignition status.

LoJack monitored the vehicle until it was stationary; and alerted the police of the vehicle’s resting location. When the police arrived at the scene, the suspects were immediately found with the Chrysler 300 and detained using video evidence. With the help of LoJack technology, the vehicle was returned completely undamaged to a very appreciative owner.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a vehicle is stolen every 40.2 seconds. LoJack by Spireon combats this statistic by offering a solution that has a vehicle recovery rate of 98% with an average recovery time of just 26 minutes. It is little wonder that LoJack is a nationally recognized brand that customers trust.

Vehicle Theft is Fast, but LoJack Vehicle Location Keeps Up

Vehicle thefts are crimes of opportunity. In this case, the Chrysler 300, worth approximately $30,000, was stolen from a common location that’s frequented by the public. The keys to the owner’s Chrysler simply fell out of his pocket, and it took a mere five minutes for the thieves to take advantage of the situation and steal the vehicle.

When crimes like this happen this fast, recovery solutions must be just as agile. LoJack was designed with agility in mind. When a vehicle is stolen LoJack owners can begin the process of reporting the theft to police through the LoJack mobile app. Afterward, the LoJack Customer Support Center can give real-time location updates to law enforcement to help them recover the vehicle quickly and safely, thanks to best-in-class GPS technology.

Theft and fraud are expensive. No one wants to pay out of pocket or file an insurance claim for a stolen vehicle. With LoJack, owners may not have to.

Why You Need LoJack Technology in Your Vehicles

Powered by Spireon’s industry-leading GPS technology, LoJack provides you with more than just stolen vehicle recovery. With LoJack, customers can view trip history, get service reminders, get driving behavior alerts, low battery alerts, and more. LoJack by Spireon is a solution made to reduce your vehicle stress and protect your assets.

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