LoJack® Locates Two Stolen Vehicles with Police in New Jersey and New Mexico

  • February 28, 2022
  • Ashvir Toor

Available nationwide, LoJack’s leading GPS technology protects consumer vehicles from theft. As the only stolen vehicle recovery system integrated with law enforcement, LoJack was able to aid police in the recent recoveries of two vehicles in New Jersey and New Mexico. One vehicle was located hidden in a shipping container, and the other was found abandoned miles away from the owner. Fortunately, with LoJack installed, the police were able to receive live location updates to safely locate and recover the vehicles. With a 98% recovery rate and over $8M in stolen vehicle value recovered, LoJack is proven to protect vehicles and more. 

Honda Hidden in a Shipping Container – New Jersey 

On January 28, 2022, LoJack was made aware of a stolen 2020 Honda CRV, worth approximately $25,000. LoJack’s Call Center tracked the live location of the vehicle and notified the Pasco County Sherriff’s office with updates. The last known location of the vehicle was at the Port of Newark, New Jersey. 

Pasco County then notified the Port Authority Police of New York and New Jersey (PAPD) for assistance in recovering the vehicle. A detective from PAPD called the area’s LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison for real-time location data and reached out to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for assistance. The CBP agent coordinated with LoJack’s Law Enforcement Liaison and was given satellite imagery of the last known location of the stolen vehicle at the Port of Newark. With the information provided by LoJack, the CBP agent was able to narrow down the suspected shipping container and locate the vehicle within. The vehicle was then successfully turned over to PAPD to complete the recovery. 

As the #1 stolen vehicle recovery product, LoJack users can enjoy peace of mind that if their vehicles are ever stolen, LoJack will work directly with law enforcement to recover the vehicle as quickly as possible. As a nationally recognized brand, LoJack is trusted by customers and has a 4.8-star App Store rating with over 24,000 reviews.  

Stolen Vehicle Driven & Ditched – New Mexico  

Recently, a 2015 Kia Forte was stolen in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The owner called the local police to report their vehicle as stolen. Fortunately, the LoJack app allowed the owner to coordinate with police to locate their stolen vehicle, worth approximately $15,000. The owner tracked the vehicle from their phone and provided real-time location updates to the police. They advised the officers that the vehicle was in Bernalillo – about a 30-minute drive south of Santa Fe. This information was then relayed to the New Mexico State Police. An officer with NMSP heard the call update from the owner and went into the Bernalillo area. He then called the LoJack Call Center to confirm the vehicle’s location and soon discovered the stolen vehicle abandoned with the door left open. 

LoJack combats vehicle theft through GPS technology that allows nationwide vehicle location tracking. The LoJack app provides easy-to-use recovery instructions and click-to-dial links. With a 24/7 recovery concierge service, LoJack ensures your vehicle remains connected and protected. 

Why You Need LoJack Installed in Your Vehicles 

Powered by industry-leading connected car technology, LoJack provides you with more than just stolen vehicle recovery. LoJack allows customers to view their vehicle’s trip history, get service reminders, driving behavior alerts, and more. Learn more about why customers like you are installing LoJack! 

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