LoJack® GPS System Aids Police in Four Stolen Vehicle Recoveries and Arrests for Multi-State Organized Crime Ring

  • November 24, 2021
  • Ashvir Toor

LoJack® by Spireon is the ultimate vehicle theft protection system with a unique law enforcement partnership for over 35 years. That partnership proved priceless when four vehicles, with a total value of $250,000, were stolen in a multi-state crime spree. Fortunately, LoJack was installed in the stolen 2021 Chevrolet Silverado and LoJack’s Law Enforcement Liaison was able to coordinate with police to locate the vehicle and suspects. With this discovery, the police came across three additional stolen vehicles: a Ford F350, a BMW, and a Lincoln Navigator. LoJack secured yet another success story and was able to recover these high-end vehicles for their rightful owners and aid in apprehending the perpetrators.

A Premium Vehicle is Stolen in the Night

On November 11, 2021, Mac Haik Jackson Ford discovered a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado was missing from their lot around midnight. The high-end vehicle, valued at approximately $90,000, was equipped with LoJack. Video surveillance revealed an unknown individual driving the Silverado down an embankment to circumvent perimeter security. LoJack revealed the vehicle was being driven east through neighboring states.

The dealership’s General Manager reported the theft to the LoJack Customer Support team and the Jackson Police Department. The case was escalated to LoJack’s Law Enforcement Liaison who monitored the stolen Silverado until it became stationary at an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina. LoJack then provided the vehicle’s real-time resting location data to police for recovery.

With LoJack’s vehicle location data on hand, the police arrived to find several suspects with the stolen Silverado. In addition to that vehicle, three new high-end vehicles were also recovered: a Ford F350, a BMW, and a Lincoln Navigator. These vehicles were in the process of having their VINs removed. Two suspects were taken into custody and a third was identified but taken to the hospital. All three may face federal charges for their multi-state crime spree. With the help of LoJack’s industry-leading GPS technology, all four vehicles were impounded for processing and returned to their rightful owners.

Trust LoJack to Recover Your Assets

While it’s impossible to prevent all vehicle thefts, trust LoJack to minimize the average stolen vehicle recovery time. With LoJack’s 24/7 vehicle monitoring, police treat stolen LoJack-equipped vehicles as crimes-in-progress and are able to respond to these thefts faster. LoJack has over 35 years of law enforcement partnership and has recovered over $8M in total stolen vehicle value.

Get LoJack for Your Dealership Today

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