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NADA Convention

February 15th – 17th, 2020 |
Las Vegas

LoJack Happy Hour at NADA

Experience how LoJack is improving PVR and inventory management for dealers nationwide

February 15th | 3:00-5:00pm

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CalAmp Cocktail Reception
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Latest News

Vehicle Theft Isn’t Taking A Break During COVID, And Neither Are We

There are a variety of reasons for a vehicle to be stolen, and some scenarios are preventable while others are not. For instance, drivers can double-check that their doors are locked or park in well-lit spaces. But if a thief wants to take your vehicle, there’s little stopping them from doing so – even during... ...

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How COVID-19 is Transforming the Car Buying (and Selling) Process

A New Reality Stay-at-home orders resulting from COVID-19 have impacted industries across the board. Organizations have had to find new and innovative ways to continue on with their businesses. Retail and sales industries that typically conduct their work in person have had to pivot in new and challenging ways in order to stay afloat. Car... ...

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Grooming the Car Buying Experience

Auto manufacturers continue to advance their vehicles with gadgets, music streaming, cameras, assisted driving and even the ability to order food from a car. While the connected car evolves, so has the customer. The average customer looking to purchase a car spends less time in an actual dealership (even less now with recent COVID-19 state... ...

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Collateral Recovery: LoJack® System Helps GA Law Enforcement Recover Four Stolen Vehicles

Auto theft doesn’t occur in a vacuum. As we’ve discussed in the past, auto theft is often a gateway crime, or the starting point for the commission of other crimes. Many times, the recovery of one stolen vehicle leads law enforcement to a number of other stolen assets. Whether it’s other cars, construction equipment or... ...

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LoJack® System Helps Chicago PD Recover Carjacking Vehicle; Three Arrests Made

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Spots Vehicle Theft Report, over 26,000 cars were stolen in the greater Chicago area last year. As we examined in our Car Theft: Regional Auto Theft Trends series with, cars in the Chicago area are often stolen via carjacking. While attending the annual International Association of... ...

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Stolen & Recovered: Your Commercial Vehicles and Assets Are At Risk

While the annual LoJack® Study on Construction Equipment Theft focuses on heavy equipment, other commercial investments are at risk as well.

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5 Must-Have Features for a Dealership Lot Management Solution

The best lot management solutions help you simplify operations, streamline the car buying process and improve your bottom line. Not all of these solutions are created equal, though. If your dealership is considering a lot management system, here are five important factors you should consider.

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Stolen Construction Equipment: Is Your Skid Steer Loader At Risk?

For commercial equipment, skid steer loaders are the top type or class of heavy construction equipment stolen according to our 2017 LoJack Study on Construction Equipment Theft. These machines are popular with buyers because of their versatility.

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A Simple Key to Protect Yourself Against Auto Theft

With the rising popularity of keyless entry systems, smart key fobs and push-to-start ignitions, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up for thieves.

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State of Auto Theft – Episode 2: Emerging Pickup Theft Trends

LoJack® recently released our 10th annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report. While Honda and Toyota compact cars comprise the majority of the top five most recovered vehicles, there is a new trend forming.

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