The Value of The LoJack System to Communities

  • June 6, 2017
  • Scott at LoJack

The LoJack®  Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a small device that is covertly installed in a vehicle, with the hope that it can recover a stolen vehicle if the owner is unfortunate enough to be the victim of auto theft.  A number of years ago, the authors of a study (Ayers and Levitt) found that the true value to the community is that when a LoJack System helps recover a stolen vehicle, it helps law enforcement find the thieves’ lair and breaks up a theft ring responsible for auto theft crime across a wide area.


Two Chop Shops Broken Up

In the past week, two chop shop theft rings have been discovered using LoJack technology, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovered vehicles and vehicle parts.

Outside of Atlanta, law enforcement followed a stolen Chevrolet Silverado that was loaded on a stolen flatbed tow truck to a junkyard, in the end yielding parts to over 30 stolen vehicles in that location and a related location.  The truck was reported stolen in Horry County, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach, SC, making the chop shop a threat to a broad region.  Law Enforcement is still investigating, but total value of the recovered vehicles exceeds $200,000.

Later in the same week, a chop shop in San Bernardino County California was broken up when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies followed a LoJack System‘s signal to a location that was later found to have 32 stolen vehicles at it.  The investigation continues in this discovery also.


Small Investment; Big Returns

California and Georgia are both Top Ten states for auto theft according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.  While these investigations continue, the operations have been shut down, and arrests are pending in the cases.  Two LoJack Systems installed, two stolen vehicles, over sixty stolen vehicles recovered worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and two communities better off as a result of the work of local law enforcement.