The LoJack® System helps Cowlitz County, WA, Sheriff’s Office Locate Stolen Mustang- for the Second Time!

  • April 26, 2013

On March 24, 2013, the owner of a Ford Mustang discovered a commercial burglary at his business located in Spanaway, WA. His vehicle was the only thing determined to be stolen. The victim called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department to report the theft.  This same Mustang was stolen once before, a little over 3 years ago, and was recovered thanks to the LoJack® device installed upon purchase at Korum Ford in Puyallup, Washington. The Mustang’s owner was hoping his LoJack unit would come through again.

An officer at the Sheriff’s office entered the vehicle information their computer, which activated the Mustang’s LoJack system. Less than one hour later, a Cowlitz County Sheriff deputy received the homing signal transmitting from the car on the LoJack tracking computer installed in his patrol car. The deputy tracked the signal a residential neighborhood where it was determined the signal was coming from a garage at a private home. A person in the residence granted permission to search the garage and also gave the deputy keys to the car.  After providing confusing and conflicting statements, he was placed under arrest, and the Mustang was once again returned to its grateful owner.