LoJack Corporation Customer Success Story – LoJack Helps Recover Cadillac Escalade Four Times

  • November 30, 2012

With a 90% success rate on cars, trucks and SUV’s and over 10,000 stolen vehicle recoveries per year, we here at LoJack receive unsolicited success stories and testimonials every day. Below is our most recent submission:

My husband’s Escalade was recovered using LoJack for the 4th time just last Thursday from his office in Irvine. 1st time:  Our driveway. 2nd time: Parking lot of Babies R’ Us (We came out of Babies R Us with our three kids to find the car missing). 3rd time: Target parking lot.

Each time with lock punched out, steering panel tampered with and only once with third row seats stolen.  LoJack was the best investment and each time it was recovered in a matter of 1-3 hours. We should be used to it but we still get frazzled and cranky every time the car gets stolen, but our kids know the drill (stay away from dad till they find his car) Again, we absolutely agree this was the best investment we’ve ever paid for…paid for itself 30 times over.

We are so thankful for LoJack!

Tony in California

Thank you for using a LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Tony.

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