LoJack Corporation Customer Success Story – Home Invasion Victims Get Their Toyota SUV Back

  • October 5, 2012

With a 90% success rate on cars and trucks and over 10,000 recoveries per year we here at LoJack receive unsolicited success stories and testimonials every day. Below is our most recent submission:

“We were the victims of an armed home invasion on June 23, 2012. We lost our computers, monitors, cell phones, t.v’s, jewelry, cash, liquor AND my late model Toyota suv. We had insurance on none of it.

We were tied up & were thankful we were alive. I happened to remember that I had LoJack. Once the police sent out a signal, the car was recovered in excellent condition within hours.

I am so grateful to LoJack and wouldn’t buy another car without it!”


Southern California

Thank you for using LoJack Linda.

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