LoJack Customer Success Stories

  • June 5, 2012

With a 90% success rate on cars and trucks and over 10,000 recoveries per year we here at LoJack receive unsolicited success stories and testimonials every day. Below are our most recent submissions:

“Deployed military in Afghanistan”

I’m a deployed Military member in Afghanistan. After getting notification from my family that my bmw was stolen from my home, i filed a police report. 6 hrs later, my car was recovered and the thief apprehended. I didn’t have to do a thing, and my car is safe and back where it belongs, with me!!! Thanks LoJack.

By Erik from Los Angeles


“Awesome device”

My daughters 1998 Aura was stolen from the mall and the police was notified 2:30pm and within 2 hours received a phone call letting us know that the car had been found and crook arested!!! Not knowing that the car had lojack system installed, i asked the police how they found it so fast.. they said, you know it has lojack right?now I do and will be installing on my other cars!

By Angel from West Covina



My car was stolen from our home and after the police came i called lojack and within 25 min we got a call back that the found the car not to far from us!!! After 7 years of buying it and it was worth every penny !!!!!

By Miry from Miami, Fl


“So glad we had this”

We had bought a brand new Honda CRV. We had only owned the car for 3 months when one morning our car was stolen. We called the police at 6:00am. After the report was filled and lojack was called we were told they would call us when the car was found. (This was around 7am) by 11am we had been called and our car was found. We were very thankful for this and will be buying it on all our cars from now on.

By Lee from Maryland
“Just found out my car had LoJack!!!”

My car was stolen today 12/25 (yes christmas) and was found 16 hours later! worth every single penny. Saved me a headache and gave me peace of mind

By Luis from California


“It does work”

The other day the key pass for my motorcycle broke and the key pass fell off. Fourtunatly it was in the house so it was not lost. But the reason I found it was broken was I went for a ride and a couple of miles from home my cell phone was ringing — it was LoJack asking me if I knew where my bike was. Wow cool the system works. As I hung up and started to head fro home to my lojack paper work my wife called and it turns out LoJack called the house also. I must say I was impressed then when I called to order a new one just a few minutes ago the lady could not have been nicer and sent a new one no charge.

By Chops from Chicago


“If you dont want to worry!”

I have a nice classic truck. Love to drive it and hate to park it in public with the fear of someone stealing it, Until LoJack! Now i have peace of mind of no worries an dont mind traveling with it now. So I feel secure, if someone does snag it, police will find them and my truck.

By Teaxco from Salisbury, NC


“Worth every penny”

In 1999 bought a Honda with the Lojack system as part of the package. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my car would be stolen. In August the car was stolen and within 3 hours it was found. The police stated that Lojack had saved the day and had I not had Lojack, the car would have been gone forever. My next car will most certainly have a Lojack installed.

By Mary R from Miami, Florida


“Great product”

My 2006 Chevy Silverado was stolen at the mall. After the police entered the info into the ncic,the truck was located in 8 hours. It was found in a chop shop with several other stolen vehicles.The truck was untouched and I drove it home. So after 5 years the lojac worked perfect. Would recommend to anybody who cares about their vehicle.

By Joe M. from Houston


“Its way better!!”

Its worth getting. They call me if my car makes the smallest move.

By Mike from Northridge


“Great device”

My old car was stolen (89 camry) and it took almost 3 weeks to recover it by police (no lojack). I purchased my new car a civic si 09 and three yrs later (about 2months ago from today) I had lojack installed on my car. No theft attempts but I am very happy to have it installed on my car – provides a more peace at mind feel. I made sure I did the early warning too lol.

By Chey from Central NJ


“Greatest product of theft protection”

we own a 2003 galant and we had numerous attempts but with a combonation of car alarm and early warning the car is theft proof and vandalism proof. thank you lo-jack.

By Devildog1996 from Yonkers, NY



I bought my SUV in Miami, in 1999, with a Lojack installed within 2 weeks after delivery of the car. I moved to Tennessee 2 years ago, and last week my vehicle was stolen from my home. The theft was entered by the police in the computer system around 6PM, and by 10PM that same night, my car was recovered with no apparent damage. After 11 years, the LoJack was still able to function. That’s what I call an amazing device, worth every penny.

By Sidbert from Murfreesboro, TN


“Dont be sorry to be without warranty plan”

I am so glad I purchase extended recovery warranty which I have purchase before my regular 2 year warranty expires as I purchase extra warranty then after my 2 year pass and my system fail as I have no worry they come my home and found part defect and glad replace it for free no part cost no labor cost which it went very smooth to cover everything. I high recommend you purchase extended recovery warranty. Remember u want be safe not to be sorry.

By DR. J.J. from Lake Stevens


“Early Warning”

I enjoy the use of the early warning device so much that a bought a second system for another vehicle. However, when updating the system for the second vehicle the data base does not allow me to see both vehicle in fact it does not even recognize my user name as a valid owner.

By Choo03 from 28307


“It works”

recently bought a car that had a low jack system installed that i did not know, was on the vechicle my car was recovered in less than 24 hrs thankz to all you in the lojack company

By Miguel from Hanford


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