Car Thieves & Dangerous Criminals Taken Off the Streets

  • June 15, 2012

In two separate incidents this past Wednesday, in two disparate parts of the country, LoJack helped law enforcement capture three men accused of kidnapping, armed robbery and motor vehicle theft and also arrest two people on gun possession as well as running a motorcycle theft ring.

In the first incident in Arizona, a man was carjacked, forced to withdraw cash from an ATM, then bound and left behind in the desert.  He was able to free himself and walked through the desert for several hours until he found a phone and called police.  Fortunately, his truck was equipped with LoJack, which led officers to a home in Phoenix where the arrests were made.

In the second incident, a LoJack-equipped motorcycle led New Jersey Sheriff’s deputies to a house in Paterson, where they found four stolen motorcycles, and weapons including a semi-automatic shotgun with armor-piercing ammunition.  Officers arrested the occupants of the house who both had outstanding criminal warrants.

These two incidents are vivid examples of the effectiveness of the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and its unique integration with law enforcement.