Ford F150 Pickup Stolen from Houston Dealership — Immediately After LoJack was Installed! — 2 Arrested

  • May 11, 2012

On March 21, 2012, the owners of a newly purchased 2012 Ford F150 pickup truck returned the vehicle to the dealership to have a LoJack Vehicle Recovery System installed. Later that same day, the service representative discovered the Ford’s keys missing from his desk, along with his own personal keys.   Upon searching the parking lot, the dealership’s employees were unable to locate the Ford pickup, and immediately filed a theft report with the Houston Police Department.

The responding officer completed a vehicle theft report and had all of the Ford’s information entered into the state and federal police computer systems. This routine action automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the Ford pickup.

Less than  one hour later, officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Harris County Precinct Six Constables, and the Houston Police Department received the Ford’s silent homing signal on the LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTC) installed in their patrol cars. Following the directional and signal strength information provided by the PTC, the officers located the pickup traveling on a public roadway. They performed a felony stop on the pickup, arrested the driver and a passenger, and charged both with felony theft and criminal trespassing.

The dealership and owner of the Ford were extremely excited and happy for the quick return of the pickup, enabled by LoJack.