Increasing Efficiency on the Sales Floor: How LoJack Maximizes Dealership Sales

  • August 31, 2022
  • Ashvir Toor

The world of sales has remained fundamentally the same since the first transaction: you, the seller, must convince someone to buy your product or service. The methods for sales – door to door, by catalog, phone, or online – may have changed, but the basics have not. Selling anything has only gotten tougher lately, with so many competing products and methods for acquisition on the market.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help your dealership sales team function at its top performance. Reducing friction in your sales process – whether that’s on the back end, behind the scenes, or on the front end, with an actual potential customer – will help ensure your sales team is equipped to be their best regardless of the outside forces in play.

From continuing education to various tech updates, you can help your sales team exceed their targets with LoJack, the industry’s leading revenue, retention, and lot management service for dealers.

Here are five ways LoJack will support your sales team:

More Aftermarket Sales

LoJack is going to help your customers protect their vehicles with the leading car protection technology, while simultaneously growing profits per vehicle retail with non-cancelable F&I revenue.

More Efficient Sales

The average car purchase takes four hours, and it’s something that customers dread. Every second counts in sales. With a LoJack-equipped lot, your sales team won’t waste precious time locating cars and pulling up all relevant information – from battery life to inventory age, empower your sales team to close every potential customer.

More Customer Retention

Using the MyDealer feature in the LoJack app, you can send timely service reminders, targeted marketing messages, and personalized offers to your customers to grow mind share and retention and help your customers keep their vehicles healthy.

More Efficient Lot Management

With LoJack, you can streamline inventory audits, proactively manage batteries, easily handle aging inventory, and manage loaners. LoJack helps improve lot and inventory management so you can spend more time selling. Multi-store group management and visibility are available.  

More Protection for Your Inventory

Vehicle theft recovery isn’t just for customers – thieves target dealerships every year. A family with one car is going to notice the theft immediately, but a dealer with a giant lot and massive inventory may not notice until the thieves are long gone. LoJack regularly recovers vehicles for dealers, saving them thousands of dollars in insurance claims and out of pocket costs. After-hours geofencing alerts you immediately when vehicles are moving when they shouldn’t be, and nationwide coverage helps law enforcement quickly locate, recover, and return your vehicles.

These are just a few of the ways LoJack can help your lot maximize its profit and minimize its losses. Between enhancing the sales process to quickly recovering stolen vehicles, LoJack is an invaluable asset for a dealer of any size. Contact LoJack for your free demo today.

Originally published on April 13, 2022.