The Connected Car: Keeping You in Touch

  • December 19, 2017
  • Scott at LoJack
Connected Car Keeping In Touch

From convenience to monitoring to emergency assistance, today’s connected car technologies protect your auto and keep your loved ones more secure.

The ability to locate your vehicle is not just a theft prevention tool. Knowing where your spouse parked the car, or remembering where you did, saves time and helps your family coordinate. It is also handy to know that your teen driver made it to school on time, or that she really did go to band practice and not somewhere else. You can get notifications when your vehicle enters or leaves specific areas: home, work, or school, for example. Knowing that your family members arrived safely at their destination brings peace of mind. You can have notifications sent to other family members as well—the car can notify your kids when you get to school, so that they know you’ve arrived to pick them up.


Keeping your Car Secure

When your car is parked, you can set a temporary security perimeter around the vehicle. If the vehicle is towed or stolen, you’ll know immediately; the connected car sends an alert when it leaves the perimeter. At the same time, you can set the perimeter large enough that a valet or parking attendant won’t trigger an alert just by moving your car within the lot.

The connected car provides value in your relationship with your car dealer as well. Your dealer can let you know when it’s time to perform scheduled maintenance or when there might be a mechanical problem. While you’re on the road, the location-aware connected car can find nearby services and help you navigate using a paired app on your smartphone.


Connected in Times of Need

In the event of a crash, the connected car is smart enough to know the severity of the collision and automatically, immediately calls for appropriate assistance. The car can even provide information about how likely it is that the occupants have been injured.

More and more manufacturers are including connected car technology in automobiles, but it’s also possible to buy easily installed units that can be added to nearly any vehicle. Dealerships offer these services as an added value proposition, even on used vehicles.

From getting help in an emergency to keeping in touch with your loved ones, the connected car provides benefits far beyond the earlier technology of just a few years ago. To learn more about how CalAmp connected car technology brings you peace of mind, learn more about SureDrive connected car solution.