Drive Vehicle Profits, Build Customer Loyalty

With the LoJack® SureDrive™ sell-through connected car app. Available nationwide.

It was the best decision to preinstall LoJack in over 10,000 new cars that we sold last year. D. Salsido President of Sansone Auto Network
  • Profit Increase

    Increase Vehicle Profits

    With front-end margins on vehicle sales shrinking, dealers need a way to generate additional vehicle profits. Enter SureDrive, a high margin consumer sell-through app that can help you boost incremental PVR.

  • LoJack-Icons_Setup

    Recapture Service Revenue

    SureDrive’s DTC alerts highlight when there’s an issue with a customer’s vehicle, allowing to proactively reach out to offer service. Customers can schedule service appointments directly from the SureDrive app.

  • Handshake

    Build Customer Loyalty

    No more one-and-done vehicle sales. With SureDrive, you can help ensure repeat business and encourage customer loyalty by offering discounts and coupons to customers based on vehicle mileage and status reports.

  • Across Device Platforms

    Integrated Inventory Management System

    The telematics device that powers SureDrive also powers LotSmart, an inventory management solution that helps dealers streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

    Give Customers Peace of Mind

    For customers, SureDrive offers peace of mind and insight into the status of their vehicle—and loved ones driving it. With crash alerts, movement detection, virtual boundaries and more, SureDrive delivers valuable safety and security benefits that consumers will value.

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Discover SureDrive's Connected Car Benefits

Discover SureDrive's Connected Car Benefits

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Turn Inventory Management into a Profit Center

Turn Inventory Management into a Profit Center

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Build Customer Loyalty and Retention with Telematics

Build Customer Loyalty and Retention with Telematics

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Learn More About LoJack's Dealer Portfolio

Learn More About LoJack's Dealer Portfolio

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LotSmart and SureDrive available through App Store® and the Google Play™ store only. Services available only in the United States. Availability of LotSmart and SureDrive services may depend on cellular and GPS coverage, certain functionality may depend on vehicle’s year, make and model. Use of LotSmart is subject to the LotSmart by LoJack Purchase and Service Agreement. Use of SureDrive is subject to the SureDrive Terms of Use and the SureDrive Privacy Policy. Message and data rates may apply. Visit and for details and limitations.