Introducing the #PASS (Protect And Serve Stories) Campaign

  • March 8, 2016

Protect And Serve Stories

By Patrick Clancy, LoJack’s Vice President of Law Enforcement

For nearly 30 years, LoJack has partnered with law enforcement organizations across the country, doing everything we can to help them find and recover stolen vehicles, which often leads to the arrest of criminals who put communities at risk. LoJack was founded on the principles of protecting law enforcement officers and our communities against criminal activity surrounding stolen vehicles, and as a result, I’d like to introduce an important initiative that aligns with this mission: #PASS.

The #PASS, or Protect And Serve Stories, campaign is designed to recognize members of law enforcement whose small, thoughtful good deeds are impacting and improving the communities they serve and protect. These acts of kindness performed by officers – which generally do not make news headlines, yet deserve to be recognized and praised – are shared on my Twitter feed: @PWClancy. To amplify these efforts, LoJack is also sharing #PASS content on the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram properties.

The #PASS campaign is a concerted effort by LoJack to spotlight the many simple and selfless deeds that our partners in law enforcement perform on a daily basis across the country. From helping lost dogs return to their grateful owners, organizing a parade for an ill child in need of a smile, or personally purchasing food and clothing for families in need, these are the positive stories we hope receive the recognition they deserve.

If you’re on social media, I encourage you to follow my Twitter handle where I recognize a few of the many various acts of kindness performed everyday by officers across the country. I also hope you consider sharing these great stories, or perhaps give a hat tip to some of your local law enforcement professionals who work day and night to make a difference in our communities.

For more information on #PASS, or to get involved in the initiative, please visit LoJack’s Facebook or Instagram page and my Twitter feed: @PWClancy. We hope the content will encourage social media users to follow and share the good news via a retweet or mention using #PASS, to highlight the positive acts that our partners in law enforcement do for their communities each and every day.