The LoJack® System Helps Aurora, Illinois Police Recover Stolen Mercedes Benz ML430

  • March 21, 2014

The owner of a Mercedes Benz ML430 was startled on a recent Wednesday morning to discover her SUV was not where she had parked it the previous evening. The LoJack® system she had installed when purchasing her vehicle showed what a good investment it was by helping local police recover her ML430 quickly, safely, and without any damage.

On February 19th, 2014, the owner of the Mercedes called the Chicago Police Department to report her vehicle stolen. Officers verified the theft and entered the vehicle into NCIC, state and federal crime computers as stolen. This procedure automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the ML430, which was installed at CarMax of Oak Lawn, IL.

2000 Mercedes-BenzAurora (IL) Police


A short while later, Aurora (IL) Police officers picked up the homing signal emanating from the stolen SUV on the LoJack tracking computers installed in their patrol vehicles. They located the Mercedes in the parking lot of a mall. After a brief surveillance, a suspect attempted to enter the vehicle and was detained by police. The undamaged ML430 was retrieved and soon returned to its relieved owner.