Carjacked 2012 Honda Accord Recovered by East Point, Georgia Police in One Hour, Two Minutes, with Help from the LoJack® System

  • February 26, 2014

The owner of a 2012 Honda Accord in Georgia was stopped at a traffic light after shopping on a recent Tuesday evening, when four males approached, forced her out of the car and drove it away. Luckily, this victim had the LoJack® system installed when purchasing her vehicle. With LoJack’s assistance, local police recovered the Accord in just 62 minutes after activation.

On February 18th, 2014, the Honda’s owner contacted the East Point Police to report the incident. Officers verified the theft and entered the vehicle’s information into the NCIC police computer. The LoJack device concealed in the Accord, which was installed at Honda Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA, was then automatically activated.

About an hour later, an East Point PD officer began receiving the homing signal coming from the stolen car on the LoJack racking computer installed in his patrol vehicle. The Honda was located traveling with several people inside. After a brief pursuit, the suspects made a sudden stop and attempted to flee on foot.  A K9 officer located three suspects who were taken into custody. The Accord, which was in good condition, was retrieved and soon returned to its very glad owner.