Valentine’s Day Stolen Vehicle Recovery Stories that Illustrate Love Gone Wrong

  • February 14, 2013

Upon reviewing our recoveries, we often come across those involving relationships that have gone so wrong they end with stories about stolen (and thanks to LoJack, recovered) vehicles.  With Valentine’s Day being today, here are a few theft stories that turned out “lovely” for the victims and not so great for their former significant others.

Ex Steals Wife’s Vehicle, LoJack Recovers it in Minutes

The owner of a Jeep Liberty in Southern California reported his vehicle stolen and within six minutes, police picked up the silent LoJack signal from their helicopter and alerted ground units, which tracked the vehicle’s location.  Police then conducted a high-risk traffic stop and took two suspects in the vehicle into custody – one of which was the vehicle owner’s ex-husband.

New “Friend” Drives Off with Vehicle, but Can’t Foil LoJack

The owner of a Mercedes S550 and a friend made acquaintance with two women when they were out eating dinner at a restaurant.  The four of them went home together. When the two men awoke in the morning, the women were gone along with the Mercedes.  When the victim reported his vehicle stolen, LAPD used their LoJack Police Tracking Computers to track the vehicle and recover it only 13 minutes later at a restaurant in West Hollywood.  After obtaining a description of the suspect, they went into the restaurant and arrested her.

Ex-Boyfriend Steals Vehicle Three Times, but LoJack Gets it Back

When the owner of a Lexus RX300 found her car missing from her residence in Queens, NY, she immediately reported the theft to police, who entered the vehicles information into the National Crime Information Center computers.  Within only a few hours of the LoJack System being activated, police began picking up the signal and tracked the car, which was en route through various streets in Brooklyn.  They stopped the vehicle and found the driver was the owner’s ex-boyfriend, who had stolen the vehicle twice before!  In every instance, it was recovered thanks to LoJack.