Car Thief’s Footprints Tracked in Snow by Police

  • January 11, 2013

It was as snowy December day when the owners of a 2006 Toyota 4-Runner discovered their SUV stolen from their residence in Salt Lake City. The owners immediately contacted the Salt Lake City Police Department where a report was filed.  Salt Lake City Police verified the theft and entered the vehicle information into the Utah State and Federal crime computers, which automatically sends out a silent signal throughout the LoJack Corporation® Tower Network to activate the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System transponder concealed in the Toyota 4-Runner .

Around 9:15 P.M.,  officers with the South Jordan Police Department began picking up the silent LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System signal coming from the Toyota on the Police Tracking Computers installed in their police vehicles. Soon officers tracked the vehicle into the nearby city of West Jordan. Police found the vehicle abandoned in a parking lot near 8925 South 2700 West. The suspect, who had fled on foot into the snow, was quickly located and detained by police who simply followed the footprints in the snow. The vehicle was processed at the scene before being returned to the grateful owners.

The Toyota 4-Runner was recovered only less than two hours after being activated by the Salt Lake City Police Department; over 15 miles away from where it had been taken. Another successful recovery thanks to LoJack Corporation.

NOTE: Portions of this story were obtained from the Salt Lake City and Jordan Police Department.