LoJack Helps Southern California Police Recover $60K Classic Chevy Impala

  • February 14, 2012

LoJack Corporation, the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market, today announced that Southern California law enforcement recovered a 1961 Chevrolet Impala that was stolen from its owner on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

After the $60,000 Chevy Impala was reported stolen, law enforcement entered the vehicle’s information into the National Crime Information Center computers, which automatically activated the LoJack transponder covertly installed in the vehicle.  Just 19 minutes after the vehicle was reported stolen, deputies picked up a LoJack signal with their Police Tracking Computers.  They tracked the signal to a private residence in Palmdale.  Detectives obtained permission from the owner of the house to check the garage for the stolen vehicle.  Not only did the detectives find and recover the Chevrolet Impala, they also recovered stolen computers, mail and credit cards.  One suspect was taken into custody and the investigation is ongoing.

About LoJack for Classics

LoJack offers a stolen vehicle recovery system that is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of classic cars and help owners protect the investment they make in these one-of-a-kind vehicles.  LoJack for Classics leverages the company’s next generation, self-powered stolen vehicle recovery technology, which offers several advantages that make it ideally suited to classic cars.   One key benefit is that the self-powered LoJack for Classics does not draw energy from a vehicle’s battery, and as such does not need to be connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.  Additionally, LoJack offers a personalized installation process to meet the specific needs of classic car owners.  The system is installed by select, certified LoJack installers, who take the utmost care to preserve the integrity of the car’s interior and exterior.  This covert system can be hidden in one of a variety of locations, which can be specified by the vehicle owner.

An Early Warning notification feature is also available through LoJack for Classics.  The feature offers advanced theft protection by contacting classic car and specialty vehicle owners regardless of where they are in up to five different ways – via home phone, work phone, cell phone, e-mail and text message – if their vehicle is moved without permission.  Early Warning can significantly reduce the time between theft discovery and vehicle recovery.

Pricing and Availability
LoJack for Classics is available through https://store.lojack.com/ for vehicles 25 years and older.  The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is a one-time cost of $695, but the company is offering $400 of the MSRP by using Save400 as a promotional code.