California Police Helicopters Aid in Recovering Motorcycle Stolen Out of North Las Vegas; Suspect Placed in Custody

  • January 13, 2012

After the owner of a 2009 Honda CBR1000 motorcycle reported their bike stolen to North Las Vegas Police Department, the motorcycle’s information was entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computers, which automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed on the bike.

Within 48 hours of the bike being discovered missing, multiple police agencies in Southern California began picking up the silent LoJack homing signal emitting from the motorcycle. The signal was first acquired by California Highway Patrol (CHP) units in Desert Hot Springs and then subsequently by the Beaumont Police Department.

The motorcycle quickly made its way through Riverside County into the city of Riverside. Officers with the Riverside PD were made aware that the stolen motorcycle could be headed their way. Flight Officers flying in the Riverside Police Air-1 helicopter acquired the signal, which they began following westbound on the 91 Freeway toward Corona.  The suspect continued into Orange County through several cities until ground units with the Brea PD spotted the stolen motorcycle. They followed the suspect into Fullerton with the Riverside PD Air-1 still overhead.

The suspect finally abandoned the motorcycle and attempted to flee on foot, but eventually gave himself up. At that point, additional air support from the CHP and Orange County directed the responding ground units to the suspect’s location, where he was taken into custody without further incident.

He was arrested for Auto Theft, Possession of Stolen Property and Felony Evading and is being held for Nevada authorities.

Note: Portions of this story were obtained from the Riverside Police Department