In Partnership with Los Angeles Police Department

  • August 3, 2017
  • kdailey

LoJack certificate recipients pictured at the Los Angeles donation event. 7/28/2017

More vehicles are stolen in the summer months than any other time of the year, which is why LoJack and law enforcement groups across the country promote July as National Vehicle Theft Protection Month (NVTPM). Law enforcement groups use this time of year to focus in on the issue of auto theft in their communities and advocate for use of self protection tips.

We worked in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department to promote auto theft awareness in Los Angeles communities and beyond.  The Los Angeles Police Department  highlighted the importance of practicing common sense safety tips as part of a layered preventative approach. During this event we donated a number of LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery Units to the Los Angeles Police Department who gave them out to prior victims of auto theft from the LA area.

LAPD and LoJack worked in partnership to promote auto theft awareness.



To see news coverage of the donation event and commentary from certificate recipients, see this link .

We would like to thank The Los Angeles Police Department for working in partnership with us to promote proactive actions in preventing auto theft. We would also like to thank them for everything that they do in protecting, serving and educating their communities.