Auto Theft up in Colorado, Hitting Subaru Owners

  • May 8, 2017
  • Scott at LoJack

Colorado is battling an auto theft surge, with the total thefts increasing 27% in 2016 according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Owners of Subaru cars are getting hit hard.

Thieves aren’t just stealing them for joyrides anymore, and it can be serious business.  What victims get back may not be what they want to see, because many of the vehicles getting stolen are getting stripped for the parts.

“Thieves see the opportunity to strip valuable parts off the vehicle, and then leave the shell abandoned.  Those parts can be re-sold for a lot of money and that money can support other crimes in the community.  We see this happening with popular cars, and recently with a lot of Subaru cars, including ones with custom parts,” says, Jerry Cole, Sr. Director Law Enforcement Western States for LoJack.   “It’s a vicious cycle that we can help law enforcement break when they quickly recover a stolen vehicle that has the suspects still operating it.  If they can arrest those suspects and get them off the street, they can break the cycle.”

Stripped Cars Hurt Owners

Theft can be especially troublesome if owners who get their vehicles back in a condition that’s not usable.  The damage thieves do to steal the car can be easily fixed if the vehicle is recovered quickly.  However, the other damage done while the thieves have the car, or if they start to strip it, stretches the refurbishment process out.  Subaru owners who customize their cars can be especially hard hit, as those custom parts are attractive for thieves, and since they are easily seen, they make for an attractive theft target.  It’s an inconvenience and can be costly even if the owners have good insurance.


Faster Recovery Can Mean Less Damage

The LoJack System can help recover the vehicle using a hidden transceiver that gets turned on when law enforcement enters the vehicle in the national crime database.  Police vehicles equipped with specialized LoJack tracking computers can pick up that signal within minutes of activation, often helping law enforcement recover cars before serious damage can be done.

Simple Steps to Help Avoid Auto Theft

With over 40,000 vehicles stolen with their keys in them according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, owner’s need to take some common sense steps to defend against auto theft.  Keep your keys with you and don’t leave your vehicle running unattended.  Make sure you park in well-lit areas, and don’t leave any valuables in the vehicle that gives a thief an extra incentive to steal the car.  To reduce the risk of identity theft, don’t leave any receipts or papers in the car that can help the thief steal your identity, and finally consider a stolen vehicle tracking system.


Two Recent Subaru Recoveries

  • Golden, CO – Subaru WRX
  • Denver, CO – Subaru Impreza – Includes arrest of suspect with 6 outstanding felony arrest warrants