LoJack Commercial Recovery of the Month: August

  • August 11, 2016

Everyone likes to get something extra for their effort.  There’s nothing better than a solid pay-off for hard work. For this month’s notable commercial recoveries of the month, we will feature two cases from the state of Florida in which law enforcement officers received double the reward for their efforts. While the circumstances surrounding each recovery were different, both resulted in the recovery of not one, but two pieces of commercial equipment, exemplifying the value of installing a LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. The benefits often extend beyond an individual piece of equipment. One of the stories additionally illustrates the frustration that can result from failing to protect all pieces of equipment. These recoveries highlight the advantages of proactive theft prevention tactics and the rewards that can result.

Opa Locka Police Department Tracks One Stolen Generator and Discovers Two

On a recent morning, the operator of a 2013 Doosan 61KW generator arrived at the jobsite after a weekend to find that their piece of construction equipment had gone missing. After police tracked the generator’s LoJack System signal to a warehouse in a nearby town, an Auto Theft Task Force investigator responded to assist in locating the piece of equipment. A subject soon arrived on the scene and unlocked the warehouse, revealing two large towable generators, the first which had been equipped with the LoJack System and had been repainted from its original color, green, to blue. Both generators were recovered by police, and the second generator, a white 2013 Multiquip 70KW, was released to a representative of its owner, a construction equipment rental company. Collectively, the recovery of both generators was valued at approximately $70,000.

LoJack® System Helps Law Enforcement Recover Two Stolen Kenworth T-800 Dump Trucks

The owner of a fleet of dump trucks came to their storage facility early one Saturday morning and discovered the entrance gate had been compromised and that three dump trucks had been stolen. While two of the dump trucks, both Kenworth T-800’s, were equipped with LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems, the third truck, a Peterbilt, was not. Later that morning, police tracked the LoJack System  signals from both trucks and followed them to the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. The Kenworth dump trucks were recovered and released to the owner, while the Peterbilt truck was nowhere to be found. Following the recovery, the owner noted that he planned to have LoJack Systems installed on all of his trucks in the coming week.

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