LoJack Vehicle Recovery of the Month: June

  • June 22, 2016


This month on the Auto Theft Blog we feature two outstanding vehicle recoveries that illustrate the results of exemplary police work. The officers responsible for the recoveries detailed in this month’s post worked quickly and intelligently, utilizing experience, technology and intuition to track and capture the guilty suspects. These recoveries were extremely noteworthy, not only because of the vehicles involved but because they shut down one criminal responsible for an extraordinary volume of thefts and another targeting luxury cars. The officers of the New York Police Department and Nashville Metro Police Department deserve our recognition today for these specific recoveries, as well as all of their hard work to protect the communities they serve.

Suspect in Pattern of New York Vehicle Thefts Captured Thanks to the LoJack® System

Recently, the owner of a 1998 Honda Civic was distressed to find that his vehicle had been stolen overnight from its usual parking spot near his house in Queens, New York. The New York Police Department was able to track the silent LoJack signal in a short period of time to the Jamaica section of Queens, where the vehicle was parked in a residential neighborhood. Though a suspect was not with the vehicle when the officers took possession, they recognized that the circumstances fit a pattern of older Hondas and Nissans stolen in the area. The officers were then able to gather enough information relative to this and similar thefts to attribute all the criminal activity to one suspect, whom they arrested later during yet another stolen vehicle recovery. The suspect was charged with multiple counts of theft, and through his capture, the New York PD has ensured that he won’t be committing further crimes any time soon.

Nashville Metro Police Department Utilizes the LoJack® System to Recover Stolen Maserati

A 2007 Maserati Quattroporte was recently discovered missing from an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee. Just minutes after the theft was reported, the Nashville Metro Police Department began tracking the LoJack signal with the department’s LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTCs). As the driver attempted to elude capture, the officer requested backup from other PTC-equipped patrol vehicles and air support. Through outstanding teamwork and persistence, the officers involved were able to track the vehicle to a residential area of the city, where it was found unoccupied and without damage. The Nashville Metro Police Department Auto Theft Division is conducting a thorough follow-up to this investigation to identify the suspect and prevent him or her from future luxury vehicle theft.

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