LoJack and Stockton Police Department Team Up to Launch Auto Theft Prevention Campaign, “LoDown with LoJack” in California’s Central Valley

  • May 12, 2016

The team at LoJack is pleased to announce the launch of an ongoing educational campaign to reduce vehicle theft throughout the country. The inaugural campaign is a three-part video series throughout California’s Central Valley called, “LoDown with LoJack: The Central Valley,” featuring insight from members of the Stockton Police Department and LoJack’s Law Enforcement Liaison team. The video series underscores the challenges associated with a new era of vehicle theft, which continues to be a significant issue in communities throughout California.

The “LoDown with LoJack: The Central Valley” video series illustrates how law enforcement in the region is working within the local community to address the challenges associated with high rates of vehicle theft and mitigate the problem. It also provides simple tips to help owners protect their vehicles.

“Auto theft is still an issue in our community,” said Eric Jones, Stockton Police Chief.  “Our goal is to continue to work with our collaborative law enforcement partners and use technology, along with education, to help reduce auto theft in the area.”

The “LoDown with LoJack: The Central Valley” video series includes:

  • Chapter One: The Situation: Focuses on the history of auto theft in the Central Valley and the impact theft has on local communities and vehicle owners in California.
  • Chapter Two: Preventing Auto Theft: Illustrates the myriad of ways thieves are targeting vehicles in the Central Valley and includes educational tips to prevent from becoming a victim of auto theft from experts on the Stockton Police Department.
  • Chapter Three: The Law Enforcement Tool: Highlights how local law enforcement like the Stockton Police Department is utilizing LoJack’s technology to help combat auto theft in the Central Valley.

To follow the “LoDown with LoJack” series, subscribe to LoJack’s YouTube channel.