LoJack® System Helps Buckingham Police Department Recover Stolen Melroe Skid Steer, Melroe Excavator and a Construction Equipment Trailer

  • January 26, 2016

The manager of a national rental facility in Upper Southampton reports that a male recently came to his store and related that he was sent by the owner of a company that maintains an account with the rental facility. The male further related that he was sent by the owner of said company to rent a skid steer to be used in a construction assignment. The male also rented a trailer to transport the skid steer. The manager relates that the male returned a few days later with the rented trailer and rented a second Melroe, this time a Mini Excavator. Sometime later, the rental accounting department sent rental invoices to the company that the male stated he represented. The owner of said company made contact with the rental facility and related that neither he nor the company had authorized any such rentals of the skid steers and trailer and definitely not in possession of his organization.

The manager of the rental facility in Upper Southampton made contact with the Upper Southampton Police Department and an officer was assigned to the investigation. The officer conducted interviews and secured information on the stolen vehicles. The officer verified the theft and entered the vehicle information into the state and federal crime computers which automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in the stolen equipment.

A short while after the LoJack activation, officers from the Buckingham Township Police Department became aware that LoJack stolen vehicle signals were being transmitted from a residence under renovation in the area of Route 202 within Buckingham Township. The officers conducted a cursory investigation that subsequently led the officers to a large tarp in the rear of the property. The officers could see in plain view, what appeared to be part of a green Melroe Bobcat with the rental company name which had been painted over but still visible. The officers suspected that this was part of the equipment that had been reported stolen by Upper Southampton PD. The officer pulled the tarp to further investigate and discovered one Melroe Skid Steer and one Melroe Excavator. Further investigation by a Buckingham PD detective who arrived on location revealed that this equipment was in fact the equipment taken fraudulently from the rental company. The stolen trailer used in the theft was also discovered on this property. The rental manager was advised and immediately came to the location to secure the equipment and noted one vehicle identification number plate had been removed.


This incident remains under investigation by the members of the Upper Southampton and Buckingham PD and arrest(s) are anticipated.