(PHOTO) LoJack® System Helps Philadelphia Police Department Recover Stolen Audi R8

  • May 6, 2015

The employees of a New Jersey dealership discovered that several vehicles had been removed from the premises without permission. The Upper Saddle River Police Department was notified and a detective was assigned to investigate the incident. During the course of the investigation, the assigned detective entered the stolen vehicle information into the New Jersey State Police Computer; this computer entry automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in one of the stolen vehicles described as a 2009 Audi R8.

Minutes after the stolen vehicle entry into the police computers, an officer from the Folcroft Police Department picked up the silent LoJack signal from the stolen Audi with the LoJack Police Tracking Computer (PTC) that is installed in the Folcroft Delaware County Pennsylvania patrol vehicle.  Following the directional and audible cues from the PTC, the officer tracked the signal into the edge of the City of Philadelphia. The officer observed that the stolen Audi R8 was parked and unattended in a hotel parking lot. A detective assigned to the Philadelphia Police Major Crimes Auto Squad became aware of the LoJack activity and quickly responded to provide assistance at the scene of the recovery. The detective arrived on location and made contact with Upper Saddle River New Jersey Police. While processing the crime scene the detective observed a 2015 Porsche parked in the area. The detective checked the public vehicle identification number on the Porsche with the National Crime Information Center and discovered that this vehicle was also in stolen status. The Porsche was also removed from the local dealership without permission.

After conferring with Upper Saddle River PD, the Philadelphia Police Major Crimes Auto Squad detective confiscated both undamaged vehicles and had same towed to Philadelphia Police Major Crimes Unit Auto Squad HQ to be processed for physical evidence.