(AUDIO) Avoid Becoming Victim of Auto Theft During the Holiday Season

  • December 23, 2014

New York City-based LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Anthony Perez was featured on WCBS 880am radio during the AM Drive-Time Series discussing tips for vehicle owners to avoid becoming victims of theft during the holiday season. AM Drive-Time host Mike Wallace interviewed Anthony, a former Detective Sergeant with the NYPD, about why theft can be so prevalent during the holiday season and what New York City residents can do to help protect themselves. WCBS 880am radio is a NJ/NY/CT based radio station providing the latest news and information to over 2.1 million listeners in the Tri-State Area.

Listen to the 2:15 audio below:

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According to NICB, Christmas Eve is the sixth most popular holiday for car theft, with 1,774 cars being stolen on that day in 2013 alone. To help prevent against vehicle theft this season, LoJack offers these tips to help vehicle owners prepare for the holidays and winter months:

  • Watch out for bad elves: Remember to conceal valuables and lock your car, no matter where you are. Although it might seem like common sense, expensive goods and gifts stored in your vehicle may give car thieves added motive to break in.
  • Avoid the ‘naughty’ by parking in ‘nice’ spots: Be sure to park your car in a well-lit area or safe driveways to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your car.
  • The weather outside is frightful: It might be cold outside, but don’t be tempted to leave your car running to warm it up. Never leave your car running or unattended. A “puffer” is a common term for thieves who go around looking and stealing unattended, and running, cars. Vacated, running cars are easy targets for thieves!
  • Let those jingle bells chime: Activate your alarm systems and/or any other security features on your vehicle. And if ever you do fall victim to vehicle theft, the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery system can help police track and recover stolen cars.