Customer Success Story – 14-Year-Old LoJack Helps Recover Stolen Car

  • August 22, 2012

With a 90% success rate on cars and trucks and over 10,000 recoveries per year we here at LoJack receive unsolicited success stories and testimonials every day. Below is our most recent submission:

“At 6:15 in the morning I go out to my car on the way to work and as I turn the corner at my driveway an oil stain on the concrete is all I see. Immediately you start to second guess yourself, thinking did I park the car someplace else, but you know you always park it here and very quickly reality slaps you in the face. Your car has been stolen during the night.


car is gone, someone stole it last night. I call 911 and they connect me to the police department. I explain what has happened and they tell me an officer will be dispatched to file a report. I call work and tell them I’m going to be late.
While filling out the incident report I tell the officer that my vehicle did have a Lo Jack system installed, but I was not sure if it was still operating after 14 years.
After spending a hazy day at work, trying to think of what I could have done different to prevent this from happening I receive a phone call from the police department at 5:30 in the afternoon telling me that they are getting hits from the Lo Jack on my stolen vehicle. They tell me the location and ask if I can meet the responding officers there, I tell them absolutely. Less than 2 miles away from my home my car had been abandoned on the side of a residential neighborhood road, the contents inside had been taken, but the car itself had not been damaged and was still drivable.
I signed for my vehicle and the police turned it over to me, unbelievably because of a 14 year old Lo Jack system installed in my car it was recovered in less than 12 hours before the criminals had an opportunity to return and strip it of parts. My hat is off to you Lo Jack, your product works as advertised, thank you very much.




Thank you for using LoJack William.

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