LoJack Helps Atlanta Family Get Their Stolen Car Back

  • March 20, 2012

Today we feature another user submitted success story. This story was submitted by April in Atlanta:

I am so thankful this morning that Atlanta Toyota installs LoJack in all of their vehicles, and I’m thankful Ned sold it to my son.  You just never know how life will turn out.

At 2 a.m. this morning my son called me from downtown where he works, it’s in a less than desirable area, as soon as I answered the phone he says, “Mom someone just stole my car!”  Of course I tell him to call the police immediately, and then I start to shuffle around to find his VIN and tag information, just hoping I can get it all before the police get to him.

After the report was filed and my son is on his way home, north of Atlanta, in my comfort zone, I he calls me to find out what happens next.  I have to tell him IF it’s recovered it will not be any time soon and it will probably be wrecked ( I’m in the business and that’s how it usually turns out ).  So then I ask my son if he is up to date on his car payments, he’s had so much happen just in the year he has had the car you all sold him.  He was unemployed for a couple of months during that year, moved houses, and has had a birth of a new baby girl.  Boy how life can change in a short amount of time.  He tells me he’s behind maybe 2 payments, my heart drops and all I can think of is he will have trouble if he has to buy another car.

So to my knees I go in prayer.  My son gets home around 5a.m. and the police call him at 5:30a.m. to say THE CAR HAD LOJACK AND THEY HAVE RECOVERED THE CAR!  Hallelujah, I forgot Ned sold it to my son, and the police figured it out when they ran his VIN.  A long morning later and my son has his car back, missing a few items, but he has it and it was not wrecked and all is well.

Thanks Ned and Atlanta Toyota, you never know when you will need LoJack and you think it will never happen to you.