(AUDIO) LoJack® System Customer Success Story – “LoJack is one of the best investments I have ever made in my life”

  • January 17, 2014

With a 90% recovery rate on cars, trucks, and SUVs and over 10,000 recoveries last year, we here at LoJack Corporation  receive success stories and testimonials every day. We’d like to highlight one of these stories right here.

When Baltimore resident Bob Keenan was shopping for a car a few years ago, he decided to add a layer of safety and security to his purchase.

“(LoJack) was one of the options when I was buying the car about three and a half years ago,” Keenan said. “I live in an urban area, and though that it was probably going to be a worthwhile investment.”

It turned out to be just that. On Friday, January 10, Keenan was the victim of a home invasion robbery. An intruder broke in, stealing a laptop, a phone, jewelry that had belonged to Keenan’s mother and the keys to Keenan’s 2010 Ford Focus.

“It definitely is a very unsettling feeling,” Keenan says. “I’ve lived in Baltimore a long time, and that certainly is the first time it has ever happened to me.”

Luckily, the installed LoJack System was there to protect the car. After alerting police to the theft, the installed system was activated; within minutes of the activation, local police officers picked up the silent LoJack homing signals from the stolen Ford on the Police Tracking Computers installed in their patrol vehicles. The officers tracked the vehicle to the 5600 Block Price Avenue in the northwest area of Baltimore, stopping the car and arresting the theft suspect.

Keenan was grateful to get his car back – and just as happy to have his prized personal keepsakes returned.
“Insurance can replace a car and can replace a lot of things,” Keenan says. “What this guy also took were some very personal mementos of my deceased mother and other relatives that nothing could have ever replaced. I never would have gotten them back if I hadn’t had the car back. I’m beyond grateful for that.”

Keenan was also very happy he had chosen to invest in a LoJack System for his Focus.

“I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I have ever made in my life.” Keenan says. “I will tell you I have been sharing this story with everybody that’s been asking me about what happened last week and about the outcome. I had consistently told them that it was one of the smartest things that I ever did.”

Listen to Bob tell his story right here:

Highlights of the Call:

“One of the best investments I have ever made in my life”

“I absolutely recommend LoJack and I will never ever buy another car without it”

Listen to the 5:40 audio below:

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The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System was installed at Koons Ford of Baltimore. Kudos to the Baltimore Police for their great work in recovering this vehicle and arresting a suspect.

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