LoJack Releases Third Annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report

Flagship Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Maintains Better Than 90 Percent Recovery Success Rate Flagship Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Maintains Better Than 90 Percent Recovery Success Rate

Canton, MA - March 6, 2012 - LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN) today released its third annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report*, highlighting results from its 2011 recoveries that provide valuable information on the ongoing issue of auto theft. 

In 2011, the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System helped law enforcement in the U.S.  recover 10,261 stolen vehicles**. Hondas topped the list of imports recovered, with the Honda Accord ranking as LoJack’s most stolen and recovered vehicle. The Cadillac Escalade was the most recovered domestic vehicle.
While the FBI’s latest Uniform Crime Report indicated that the national recovery rate of stolen vehicles has hit a 25+ year low of 56 percent, more than 90 percent of LoJack-equipped cars, light trucks and SUVs that were reported stolen in 2011 were recovered.  LoJack’s proven Radio Frequency technology -- which unlike GPS technology can find assets even if they’re hidden in concrete buildings like garages, in dense foliage or in steel containers such as those used in shipping – its direct integration with law enforcement, and its covert installation all enable the device to consistently deliver such a high recovery success rate.
Many theft prevention experts agree.  According to Lou Koven, retired auto theft detective with the LAPD and member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI), "No technology is as good as LoJack’s for recovering stolen vehicles. Every other one can be disengaged or has some flaw."
Following are key findings from LoJack’s 2011 Vehicle Theft Recovery Report:
Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Make & Model:
2011 Ranking 2010 Ranking
1.   Honda Accord 1
2.   Toyota Camry 3
3.   Honda Civic 2
4.   Acura Integra 4
5.   Toyota Corolla 6
6.   Nissan Altima 8
7.   Nissan Maxima 9
8.   Cadillac Escalade 5
9.   Chevrolet Tahoe 10
10. Ford F250 Pickup        (New)


Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Year, Make & Model (Less than 5 Yrs. Old): 
2011 2010
2007 Toyota Camry 1
2010 Toyota Corolla (New)
2007 Cadillac Escalade     4
2009 Toyota Camry 2
2007 Toyota Corolla (New)
Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles: 2011 Model Year
  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Mercedes-Benz C300
  3. Ford F-350 Series
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Toyota Corolla
States with the Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles:  
2011 Ranking 2010 Ranking
1.   California 1
2.   Texas 2
3.   Florida 3
4.   New York 4
5.   New Jersey 6
6.   Massachusetts       5
7.   Maryland 8
8.   Arizona 7
9.   Georgia 9
10.  Nevada 10
Interesting Recovery Factoids:
  • Oldest Stolen Vehicle Recovered: 1948 Chevy Fleetline
  • Most Expensive Stolen Vehicle Recovered: 2010 Mercedes-Benz S63 AM, worth approximately $116,825
  • First Recovery of the Year: 2008 Nissan Altima on Jan 1st at 2:20 a.m.
  • Last Recovery of the Year: 1995 Honda Accord on Dec 31st at 11:19 p.m.
  • Percentage Increase of Stolen Hybrids Recovered in 2011 versus 2010: 19%
  • Average NADA Value of Stolen and Recovered Vehicles: $11,850
  • Most Common Colors: White, Silver, Black, Gray and Blue
About the Report
The 2011 LoJack Vehicle Theft Recovery Report is based on state theft statistics and vehicle recoveries documented by LoJack in 28 U.S. states from January to December 2011.  LoJack will continue to issue this report annually to provide the automotive industry with valuable statistics and trend information. 

About LoJack Corporation
LoJack Corporation, the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market more than 25 years ago, is the global leader in finding and recovering a wide range of mobile assets including cars, construction equipment and motorcycles-having recovered nearly $4 billion USD in stolen assets worldwide. In today's rapidly changing world, LoJack's core competencies are more valuable and more relevant than ever as they are now being applied into new areas, such as the prevention, detection and recovery of stolen cargo and finding and rescuing people with cognitive conditions such as autism and Alzheimer's.

For more information, visit www.lojack.com, www.autotheftblog.com, www.youtube.com/lojack, www.twitter.com/LoJackCorp or www.Facebook.com/LoJackCorp.


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