Short recovery times result in minimal damage to equipment. In 2013, of all equipment recovered using the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, 67% was recovered in twenty-four hours or less after being reported to the police, with 8% recovered in less than one hour. This quick recovery time has resulted in minimal damage for equipment managers outfitting their fleet with a LoJack® System. The vast majority of equipment stolen and recovered with a LoJack system was undamaged.

Conversely, a 2014 Cygnus Business Media Research Study showed that 60% of the responders who lost equipment due to theft did not recover it until one week later or longer, and it was returned damaged 92% of the time.

LoJack® System Recoveries by Equipment

  • 41% Light Utility Trucks / Work Trucks / Trailers
  • 16% Backhoe Loaders / Skip Loaders / Wheel Loaders
  • 16% Air Compressors / Generators/ Welders / Light Towers (Towables)
  • 12% Skid Steers
  • 8%  Other
  • 5%   Mini Excavator
  • 3% Fork Lifts / Scissor Lifts

Click Here To Download the 2013 LoJack Commercial Theft Study


2014 LoJack proprietary theft and recovery data.

2014 Cygnus Business Media Research Study