Quality Assurance Program Notification

Information Regarding
Quality Assurance Program Notification for Battery-Powered LoJack® Units

For more than a quarter century, LoJack has been a leader in global stolen vehicle recovery with our unrivaled and proven Radio Frequency tracking and recovery system with direct integration with law enforcement. 
In keeping with our Quality Assurance Program, we identified an issue affecting some of our battery-powered units.  Some battery packs from one supplier are exhibiting inconsistent voltage levels in some units, which is contrary to our quality assurance standards.   After we became aware of the issue, we discontinued purchasing batteries from this supplier and identified a new supplier that we expect will consistently meet our stringent global sourcing and quality requirements.

We are contacting U.S. vehicle product customers with a battery-powered unit still covered under warranty. In order to ensure that these battery-powered units still under warranty are operating at consistent peak performance, we are asking these customers to call the LoJack Customer Service line at 1-866-918-8758 Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm to schedule a free inspection. We will arrange to have the inspection done either at these customers’ homes or places of business (subject to restrictions, such as a school) – whichever is more convenient for them.  If the unit meets our quality standards, we’ll provide these customers with a voucher for another free inspection within one year.  If the unit does not meet our high quality standards, we will install a new one with the new battery and provide a two-year warranty.  Extended warranty customers will receive the balance of their warranties, or two years, whichever is greater.  The inspection, new unit, installation and warranty are free to these customers. 
We very much appreciate the participation of U.S. vehicle product customers with a battery-powered unit still covered under warranty in this free Quality Assurance Program Notification.  The entire process should take approximately 35 minutes to complete.  As an additional way to say “thank you” for participating, we are sending these customers a $100 mail-in rebate coupon for the purchase and installation of an additional LoJack unit in a new or used vehicle owned or purchased by these customers or a member of their household.  The additional unit must be purchased and installed by the expiration date on the rebate coupon, which these customers will receive over the next few months.
Here are the important numbers for these customers to remember:
      o   For a free inspection of an existing LoJack unit still under warranty: 1-866-918-8758
           Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm;

      o   To purchase an additional LoJack unit and use the rebate: 1-800-4-LoJack
Thank you for choosing the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery Unit
Please see the Q&A below for more information about the Notification we will begin on September 1, including instructions for U.S. vehicle product customers with a battery-powered unit still under warranty to schedule a free inspection of their LoJack units.

Quality Assurance Q & A

What is the issue?
As part of our rigorous Quality Assurance Program, we regularly test and assess all aspects of how we manufacture and deliver high quality products.  We identified an issue impacting some of our battery-powered units. More specifically, some battery packs used in self-powered units are exhibiting inconsistent voltage levels and product performance in some units, contrary to our quality assurance standards.  The LoJack technology isn’t the issue.  It’s the batteries that are causing the voltage inconsistencies in some units.
Has the issue been resolved?
Are there many LoJack units affected?
Is my unit working properly?
Is there any cost to the customer?
What should customers do whose units are no longer covered under warranty?
Where can customers call for more information?