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At the core of the LoJack® System is the RF (Radio Frequency) technology and recovery process. Once installed in your vehicle, the base system uses a small hidden transceiver to send a signal to law enforcement,* which helps them track and recover your stolen vehicle. Just file a stolen vehicle report and, once the report is processed by law enforcement, the system is activated.** Click here to learn more about how LoJack works.

LoJack and its partners offer a variety of product configurations based upon the core technology. Several partners offer a product that incorporates an "early warning" feature which alerts vehicle owners of unauthorized movement. This allows the tracking and recovery process to begin sooner. Some countries also combine the LoJack system with other technologies to offer additional services. Please see individual country organizations for complete product details.


*Some territories may use a combination of police and private security organizations for vehicle tracking & recovery.
LoJack® unit activation is contingent on vehicle being located within LoJack's coverage area

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