LoJack works with insurance companies around the world to help save them money by reducing claim costs due to vehicle theft

With a stolen vehicle recovery rate of better than 90 percent on cars, trucks and SUVs  equipped with a LoJack® System in the U.S., LoJack helps insurance providers around the world save money by protecting their customers' property, including automobiles and motorcycles, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and more.

By working with LoJack, insurance providers may be able to:

Reduce claims and improve bottom-line performance through higher recovery rates and lower claim costs on stolen vehicles.

Retain clients, increase competitiveness and improve customer fidelity by passing savings on to customers in the form of discounts and incentives.

Increase their customer base by accepting policies on customers who were previously considered "high-risk," since LoJack helps reduce the cost of claims and mitigate risks.

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