LoJack and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) are teaming up to educate vehicle owners and drivers on what they can do to protect the investment in their vehicle from theft.

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Car Connection, Thomas Bey

The 5 Best Auto Theft Prevention Technologies for 2013
The FBI reports hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen nationwide every year.  And when you dig into statistics, you see that everyday cars are popular targets, not just high-end rides.  You can reduce the risk of it happening, and these are the five best technologies currently available.


Automotive News, Vince Bonce

Officials bust vehicle fraud ring
An international crime ring that fraudulently acquired vehicles from Canadian dealerships, drove them into the United States and shipped them to western Africa is being thwarted by a cooperative effort, authorities say. The York Regional Police used GPS tracking devices from LoJack Corp., a Canton, Mass., provider of vehicle tracking and recovery systems, to help build the case.

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Police, gas station owners fight back against carjackings
In a city with a persistent carjacking problem, many motorists fear getting out of their vehicles to fill a tank. So Detroit gas stations are taking steps to protect customers, and the city has formed a special police team to go after suspects. Convicted carjackers will even get their faces and prison sentences plastered onto billboards.

NBC News, Ronni Polidoro

Infographic: Top 5 Most Stolen Cars in the US
Remember that movie with Nic Cage where he had to steal 50 cars but only ended up with "49 and an 'alf?" Well it turns out real life isn't like the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds where exotic cars are the most stolen vehicles. In real life, it's more like sedans and pick-ups.
USA Today, Matt Schmitz and Chris Woodyard

LoJack names its 10 most stolen cars
Honda Accord ranks as the most stolen and most recovered car for the fifth year among vehicles equipped with a LoJack tracking-device, the maker says.

AOL Autos, Erin Marquis

The Most Stolen Cars in America

Car theft in America is slowing down, but it's still a fairly common and expensive problem. New cars equipped with improved technology have become increasingly harder to steal, but in the arms race between carmakers and car-takers, the more determined thieves still make off with a prize now and then. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found there were 3.59 thefts per 1,000 vehicles produced between 1990 and today.

Indiana Gazette, Cory Williams

Stickups turn Detroit into 'Carjack City'

When they pull up to a gas station these days, Detroit drivers are looking beyond the price per gallon at a far more threatening concern: carjackers.

USA Today, Chris Woodyard

Thieves go high-tech in car break-ins

U.S. auto thefts probably rose in 2012 after eight straight years of declines as criminals took advantage of California’s budget cuts and reduced police forces, an insurance-industry group said. Thefts rose 1.3 percent last year from 715,373 in 2011, according to preliminary data released today by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Digital Trends, Stephen Edelstein

Can your car be hacked? From brakes to GPS, a look at what's vulnerable

The idea of a hacker taking control of a car and endangering its occupants sounds like the ultimate dark side of the ongoing digitization that has made cars more efficient, safer and more connected to our lives than ever before.

DC Military, Chris Basham

Keep Your Vehicle Safe

School’s out, the weather is finally cooperating more than usual and it’s officially clear: summer is here. Unfortunately, summer is not only about relaxation in the sun or splashing in the pool. Summer is also the high season for vehicle theft, and for personal property theft from inside vehicles.

CBS News, Bill Whitaker

Customs officers get high-tech to prevent car theft

Luxury vehicles are a big target for car thieves. Bill Whitaker reports on how law enforcement is using technology to target the international theft ring that specializes in smuggling luxury cars.

Message from Our CEO

“IAATI is comprised of some of the most experienced law enforcement officers in the world and we consider our relationship with them invaluable. We rely heavily on our relationship with IAATI to help identify auto theft trends to better protect our customers.”




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