GPS Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

Monitor and Track Your Fleet - Grow Your Business

Better Tracking means Better Business
Better control is right at your fingertips - with LoJack® Fleet Management GPS fleet tracking software gives you the power to grow your business, with the ability to show you where your fleet is on demand at your desktop, laptop, or on your smartphone or tablet.

GPS Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking your fleet is just the first step, and the LoJack® Fleet Management powered by TomTom system delivers easy-to-use features that help save costs, increase productivity improving your overall business. Monitor your fleet for improvements and watch your goals come into view. What if you could reduce fuel expenses, reduce overtime pay, all while increasing productivity? The choice is clear.

Increase Productivity - With LoJack Fleet Management, drivers can get optimized routes to their destination, while wasting less time in traffic with easy to follow navigation and trusted traffic avoidance. Less time driving means more time working. More time working means more revenue.

Manage Workers and Reduce Overtime Pay - Pay workers for time they actually work. With out of the box reporting, fleet managers can see if workers start late or finish early, giving them an essential tool to increase work time and productivity too. With driver and worker ID capabilities, all users can clock in while in the vehicle, giving managers accurate time tracking. Logging break time can also help with compliance reporting, with easy data capture and pre-made reports.

Reducing Fuel Costs - with efficient routing, and reporting to help you reduce idling and speeding, saving fuel is easy to do with results you can see in your first month.

GPS Fleet Tracking at a Glance - Of course LoJack Fleet Management can track vehicles, with advanced tracking features, track playback and geofence alerts that can report when a vehicle left the warehouse or arrived at a customer.

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