State and Municipal Government Fleets

Staying in budget, while growing productivity and accountability is important in many government fleets.  LoJack® Fleet Management software can help find inefficiencies and improve overall fleet utilization by giving government fleet managers powerful tools to improve fleet performance.

Improve Driver Safety

In vehicle alerts and coaching can spur self-improvement and use easy to see dashboards on driver ratings, and time spent speeding can help managers monitor progress.  LoJack instituted its own improvment program in its fleet, and within a few months reduced time spent speeding per month by 98%.  

Reduce Fuel Use

With efficient routing, and reporting to help you reduce idling and speeding, saving fuel can be easy to do with results you can see in your first month.

Optimize Fleet Performance

Monitor fleet performance with easy to use customizable dashboards, and reports to measure fleet utilization by department, vehicle group or geography, to help make better decisions about resource deployment and fleet size.

Reduce Labor Costs

With a suite of efficiency tools at your fingertips in easy to see dashboards, your fleet can be more productive, be more responsive to the public’s needs, and shave overtime costs in the process.

Monitor Vehicle Use

By using Driver IDs, fleet managers know who is using which vehicle and when, all automatically.  

Vehicle Tracking and Proof of Location

With easy to use software, maps and tracking features, you can see where your fleet is on a computer, or on the go.  Track where your fleet is and see where it has been.  Sometimes, state and municipal fleets are mistakenly accused of being in one location; you’ll know where your fleet really is, and where it has been.

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