Improve Customer Service

Locate Your Vehicles & Improve Customer Service
With LoJack® Fleet Management, you can manage your resources more effectively by see the location of your vehicles in real-time. Our Fleet management software allows you to dispatch vehicles based on the proximity to a job and can help you respond to your customers more quickly and provide them with accurate arrival times. With this kind of increased efficiency, you could be in a position to add more jobs for your business.

Improve Driver Safety

Dispatch Assistance - Accurate Information to Your Customers
Speed up your response to a job by dispatching the vehicle closest to a job location. LoJack Fleet Management can also help you provide customers with accurate ETAs to keep them informed of arrival times. Knowing this gives your customers smaller service windows and helps provide you with a competitive advantage.


Dispatch Assistance

The Bottom Line
Over the course of one month, fleet managers can utilize the tracking systems to help increase efficiencies across the entire fleet and cut costs, all while delivering better customer service.

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