Fleet Management System for Enterprise

Fleet Management system for enterprises helps reduce costs, increase productivity, and streamline operations

Enterprise fleet managers are working to improve the efficiency of their fleets to deliver results for the company. To improve results, enterprise fleet managers need to be aware of what their fleet is doing, where waste is occurring and chart a pathway to improvement. LoJack® Fleet Management powered by TomTom is a powerful tool that enables enterprise fleet managers to achieve these goals, simply and easily. LoJack Fleet Management can help:

Reduce fuel costs & overall fleet costs
Improve productivity by delivering the most efficient routes
Improve driver safety while reducing costs
Improve overall fleet efficiency
Improve preventative maintenance plans
Improve fleet performance and the company's bottom line

Enterprise Fleet Management

LoJack Fleet Management can help Enterprise Fleet Managers deliver improvements by:

Reducing Fuel Costs - with efficient routing, and reporting to help you reduce idling and speeding, saving fuel is easy to do with results you can see in your first month.

Reducing Overall Fleet Costs - reduce labor costs by using the most efficient routes, dispatching the closest drivers, and by paying workers for time actually worked which helps reduce overtime costs for fleets. Some enterprise fleet managers are able to reduce the number of vehicles needed to serve customers, dramatically reducing total costs to the organization.

Improving Driver Safety - Improving driver safety can be one of the most important hidden benefits for enterprise fleet managers, because not only can it help save fuel through more efficient driving, but it can also help to lower insurance premiums if companies can demonstrate improved fleet performance. In vehicle alerts and coaching encourage self-improvement and via easy to see dashboards on driver ratings, and time spent speeding.

Improving Customer Service - Accurate location of the fleet combined with most efficient routes and dispatching the vehicle with the shortest ETA helps deliver top-notch service.

Managing Workers - With driver and worker ID capabilities, all users can clock in while in vehicle, giving managers accurate time tracking. Logging break time also helps compliance, with easy data capture that speeds reporting.

Improving preventative maintenance programs - Performing preventative maintenance at the right time can help eliminate downtime and reduce waste. Eliminate the guessing; get alerts based on mileage for the entire fleet, so that preventative maintenance can be done when it's needed, not after it's too late.

Reducing Unauthorized Use - Work vehicles are for work, not weekend play. Unauthorized use can cost companies fuel, wear and tear or worse. Scheduled geo-fences tied to alerts help enterprise fleet managers keep un-authorized use down and keep their fleets in top working order. This can help reduce previously un-seen costs.

Integrating with other systems - enterprise fleets need to operate efficiently, and LoJack Fleet Management can integrate with critical systems through a well-documented API set, meaning that orders can flow seamlessly from dispatching systems to trucks, and working time to payroll systems, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

With reduced enterprise fleet fuel savings, operational savings, productivity improvements and enhanced customer service, an investment in an advanced fleet management system like LoJack Fleet Management can help deliver impressive results, and improve the bottom line for companies, giving you an advantage over competition.

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